Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 26, 2010 continued

So now the question becomes, why did I shave? Or more to the point, why did I change this aspect of my winter life. The answer: tights. I have this great pair of tights that I have been wanting to wear with Miss November, but I just could not pull it off with matted leg hair showing underneath. For some this may seem heroic, to others a little shallow and vain, and to some they may be scratching their heads wondering who cares? Apparently, I do and I do just enough to write about it. So what? Well as I am learning, Miss November has very specific needs for example, she looks best in a pair of Born leather- mid calf- heeled boots. She also looks best with tights that are patterned. When I deny her those accouterments, she feels frumpy. I feel frumpy. I am beginning to understand how this dress is making me.

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