Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 13 & 14, 2010

The dress is starting to develop her own personality. She is also making me own up to my own personality. As more people are starting to take notice that my basic outfit has not changed for a week, I am beginning to discover how I feel about saying that I am an artist and that the reason for this dress is because of art.

What is Art? I have been giving a lot of thought to this concept lately. Why is it some people are so compelled to make it, why do some people need it, and what creates enjoyment out of it? Why am I an artist? Why does it some times feel like saying that I am an artist makes me feel like I am taking an easy way out, when really it is very difficult to be one? What is it about making art that some people see as a luxury or even view as a non profession?

During our studio sale today, a friend came over and hung out on our couch. I was joking that we would make him for sale and he could be sold as a guy who would hang out on your couch for a year. We put his price at 1 million dollars and then he said " I don't think I could sit on some ones couch for a year for a million dollars, it would be really hard." We all had a laugh about the difficulties of having to stay in one place for a not so worthwhile sum of money, but you know, I have been thinking about this as a rather interesting metaphor. It WOULD be really hard to stay in one place for any amount of money or income, at least for me personally. I am not trying to make any judgements about this for any one else. Perhaps this is why I am an artist? I crave a kind of methodical and sometimes abruptly random change of thought/direction regularly. Being an artist allows for this kind of freedom, but with this freedom comes a certain amount of instability. You kind of have to be fearless to live like this, either that or completely comfortable with the unknown. At a time where many people are experiencing this as a result of a major economic down turn, I am grateful that I am an artist, for me an economic downturn becomes a time in which to reinvent oneself. In my case however, at least with regards to this project, I feel like I am not reinventing, but defining.

A sweater has been added. Now she is so nice and warm. Sequins are begging to explode across her surface. I also feel like her back has been neglected, time to bring in some balance.

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