Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

I am starting to feel a little less Morticia Adams now that the skirt of the dress has been shortened. I have started to add some embroidery across the chest and bottom hem line. I think the first places of embellishment are rather obvious , but I am guessing that I chose those spots because they don't look to weird or out of place.

I started another new dress today in the studio. This one is absorbing some old trapunto wall pieces I made that really had nothing to offer other than cool textures. "Penumbra,2007" made it to the chopping block today. I have a code of art making where I don't usually go into an existing piece that has been publicly shown many times over, but she was screaming to be released from her square format. Now, "Penumbra" lives as part of a really fantastic curve line along a hip on my new dress. A small part of her did make it into my November dress. It is a little circle to honor and remember the original "Penumbra."

BTW- This new dress is not to be confused with the dress I am wearing.... This one is for me to wear, but for another project... I think? Maybe they are all about the same kind of concept- a part of a larger project or aesthetic, but I will leave that up to the writers and critics and other art folk to decide that... I am trying to learn to be a maker and not an interpreter, at least with my own work.

One major thing I noticed today is that I am starting to feel like my shoe collection is rather limited, especially with the need for warmer, drier foot wear. I am thinking a variety of cute boots are in my future. I am also seeing the need for a wool petticoat. Damn! It was cold today!

Still felt normal wearing this dress again today. It will be interesting when I wear it tomorrow to take care of little kiddos.

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