Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 15, 2010 image

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  1. Wylie,

    Who is making your photographs for you? How much have you considered your proximity to the camera, pose, angles, etc? Perhaps it's the web, but these images are a little difficult to look at closely, to watch the progression over time. If they are merely documenting the changes in Miss November, then you inside the dress is unnecessary. If this is really an extended self portrait in plumage (!) then how YOU are presenting yourself to the camera and the viewer is relevant. Right now the images say "distance", inaccessible, etc. Your pose is very very neutral... If this is about you and the artwork, where is the stream of consciousness and the relationship between you two that is evident in your writing?

    An example is the camouflage angle... Show us some of the elements in your environment that are working their way into the dress? ...