Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 17, 2010

Camouflage. I think I am becoming a chameleon within my own surroundings. Miss November is blending into the spaces I inhabit. As she becomes more embellished, she is starting to look like the things I normally surround myself with. These are things that I enjoy visually. Some of these objects inspire me. Some of these things are what I reference in my art and clearly, they are informing me with this project.

A couple of things immediately come to mind. One, I started this project theorizing that these dresses would be made to customize a garment so as not to have to fit in with the "norm.". Secondly, as I am trying to reclaim my identity, I am clearly disguising it with the addition of more embellishments. It reminds me of one of the DUNE books written by Frank Herbert, if you have read the series then you get the metaphor. However, for you non sci-fi folks, then if feels something like a second skin, but fortified, like an armor of sorts.

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