Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 10,2010

Cold cold cold! This dress is not warm! And I am now looking for something warm to add to it.

Yesterday I washed the dress. I used a mild all natural detergent called Ecover delicate wash. I filled the bath tub up and mashed the dress in the suds. I let it soak for 20 minutes while constantly agitating the water and the dress. Then I rinsed it out twice and I wrung the water out by hand and then hung it over the faux fireplace to dry. It was dry by morning which was great!

Had a hard day with the project. I even broke down to Clark questioning my sanity with this project. Am I crazy to do this? Yes, I think you kind of have to be. I think what I find most frustrating is that I still have a closet full of clothes and drawers of things that I am obviously not going to wear for the next year and I don't know what to do about it. Hmmm, looks like it is time to clean out the closets.

The documenting process of this project has also been difficult. I think what is going ton happen is that I am not going to pose while wearing the dress. Perhaps only one posed picture will happen per week. The rest will be of me doing my thing, going about my usual routine while in the dress. I encourage anyone who bumps into me to take a picture and post it either via FB or by emailing it to me to post at As a friend recommended, I don't want this to be too contrived but also not too Nan Goldin ( although I personally have always liked her work) I do get the picture... Aha a little electronic pun.

I blew my hair dry today and wore heels all day. As soon as I got home the dress came off and the PJs came on. It felt good to just wear my I <3 NYC shirt and sweat pants.

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