Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11,2010

I did not want to get out of my sleep wear today. I worked at home for most of the morning and worked in my sweatpants and tshirt. The dress was looming not too far away. It is so cold today, that when I finally put the drss on I opted for a casual approach. I am wearing Jeans underneath with a hot pink thermal undershirt . I wore clogs and I did not take a shower, because my hair looks so perfectly straight. I spent most the the morning writing a list of top ten tips for raising an art kid, it's going to be funny but kind of true. It will come out in the december issue for Art Map. What I forgot to mention is that it helps to have a mom that is interested in making her daily life an art project.

I think today I will cut off the top of the dress and replace the sheer lace with part of an old wool sweater. It is hard to wear sweaters over the dress with out things looking bulky and akward.

I cleaned out the closet. Sorry no pictures of this, but it looked like it could have come right out of an episode of Hoarders. I even had some anxiety about committing to get rid of a skirt that I have had for 4 years but only wear once a year. It was rough. I took everything to a second hand store where they supposedly pay you cash for clothes, but apparently my chlothes were "too mature" for their shoppers...OMG! That statement made this project all the more worth while.

Now I have only things to sleep in and work out in inside my dresser drawers.

People are starting to notice that I am wearing the same dress. Only one person has asked about it. He's 10 and a student of mine. He wanted to know why I was wearing "that fabulous dress once again." I explained the project to him and he was excited about it.

I am going to print up some cards to hand out to folks when people ask me about my dress that will direct them to the site, but also inform them that the dress I am wearing is art. Art art art, the dress I am wearing is art, not the person in the dress, right?

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  1. This blog post made think of this. Wish I could remember who said it.

    "It's an artist's prerogative to be indulgent to himself. He owes it to everyone else to be indulgent to himself."