Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18, 2010

The dress of power. One dress to rule them all... Ok I promise not too many more nerdy references will surface in this blog, but MY OH MY, she was heavy today. Today I am feeling the Weight of Miss November.

I could only tolerate wearing her till 3pm. Then I did some yoga in the studio and then promptly went home to put on pajamas. She was so heavy. I really feel like she has transformed from
this gauzy and light little black dress into this weighted... Hmm what is the right word to use here? Suit of armor? Shell? Uniform?

She is still a dress, but she is fortified. I am starting to get a little intimidated by her. Even when I am not inside her, she holds my form. I am beginning to see the value of having chosen to only wear each dress for a month. Although I am not yet at the point of counting down the days, I am beginning to wonder if it might be time to try some reductive alterations.. Yet this becomes harder to want to do as it gets seasonably colder outside.

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