Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

The dress is becoming a garden of stitched delight. I love sewing on her every night. Today she gets washed in the tub again. She has had a variety of things spilled and smeared into her gauzy layers since the last wash. She is becoming so much apart of me that even when I take her off at night she still keeps my form.

Today I bought a new, well not so new but new to me, coat. This coat suits my dress very well; so well that I received 8 compliments about her today, not about me specifically, but about her... the dress. Maybe I should name her. Miss November seems kind of funny, but also oddly appropriate. I think I will have to be patient and see what she would like to be called.

People are certainly noticing that I have been wearing the same dress. A neighbor said in passing " I keep meaning to tell you that your dress is fabulous.". I wonder if it registered that she keeps meaning to tell me because I wear it every day? Another neighbor just looked up and down the dress and smiled. I have run into them at least 4 days in a row. I keep telling myself that perhaps they haven't noticed yet because my sweater or my shoes are different. I think this is denial, they must be noticing, I won how long it will take before they ask me something? Or will they just ignore it? As more keeps being added, Miss November is getting harder to ignore.

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