Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wall Embroidery by my Great Grandmother, Ida

I have always loved this portrait hanging over my grandmother's bed.  I never knew that my Swedish Great Grandmother made it.  I was so delighted and excited to discover this.  Look at how she used the sequins to make the breasts... sequins!  I realize that maybe what I sew and why I sew is genetic...and that the overlap of emroidery and cultural design between my Mexican and Swedish sides are not so different.  This was so enlightening and such a highlight to our vacation down South.

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  1. The portrait is great. I think it is so wonderful that you re-discovered it on your trip. The poetic overlap of Mexican and Swedish textiles with you in the middle is a terrific image. I imagine a beautifully stitched - super embellished embroidery hoop venn diagram, with your original work smiling out of the overlapping section. :-)