Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30, 2011 image

I am still playing around with the new photo set up, but for now it's looking pretty good.
I've been playing around with hairstyles too.  I like the whole ringlet thing that's happening in these pictures.  Hair has so much history, identity, genetics, whoa... opening up alot with changing my hair.  Thinkig about how hair can be challenged even further, maybe next month I will get cornrows? maybe doo-wop style?
I am getting ready for the next dress, already thinking about things to add, which direction to take it.  Thinking about corsets too.  I've been teaching a corset making workshop and allthough I am embarking on making my first corset (we learn as we go), I am getting really into the structure and shape they have.  Hmmm body architecture...hmmm hair architecture.

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  1. wait.....corset making workshop??!! Where and When.