Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20, 2011

I think I am going to crack today.

So many pressures riding on time. First off I still have not truly regained my voice back and my vocal chords are hurting. Time and no talking will heal this, I hope. Second, my website is still under construction and since I am the designer I need time to finish it. Third I have a two year old whiner, with limited daycare. Only time and consistency will help him out grow this, right? And only making more money to pay for daycare will help....Fourth, I have a dress to work on, an Elizabeth with serious demands to be pulled together, this takes time, and focus and no interruptions. Fifth I need to photograph this project.... When? Sixth, I have a life, I want to go out to art openings, sit and enjoy the company of friends, go skiing, go to yoga, swim.... Ugh! And Seventh, I have students and the responsibility to plan and cultivate each class I teach to make it fun and enjoyable and exciting to come to.

So many little things, I know I have to just take little steps, not get bogged down by the big picture, but today, inside again, another week fractured by daily demands and no time to work in the studio makes me crazy!

Maybe I should just go take a shower.

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