Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

The not so glamerous side of being me. 
It is official, I have been wanting to deny it,but it's only foolish to keep doing so.  I am sick.  It all started with a mild sore throat, then a little fever, then I felt better, then I lost my voice, then I really lost my voice, then came the cough and now I have crazy eye.  Crazy eye (nod to director Wes Anderson) is what happens when all of my occular blood vessels burst and turn my eyes red.  The last and only other time this happened was exactly one week after getting married.  It lasted three months. 
So now what?  I could keep sewing, but I also have to admit to the fact that sewing is alot like work for me.  Less super fun enjoyable,more business,and can at times stress me out.  So I guess I give in, let my body heal.  Do what it is telling me it needs to do, which is rest.  I have completely lost my voice, all that comes out now is a whisper, no more sexy deep husky voice, just a whisper. 
I finally got to posting the pictures of this dress.  She hasn't had a chance to really be out there, since I have been sick from the beginning.  I also realize that there are an embarassingly few amount of images documenting her right now, so I will try to make it up to myself and her by going stitch crazy once I feel better. 
I have started reading the book NIGHT STUDIO, the memoir about the life of Philip Guston written by his daughter.  You know I have to admit here that I was never much of a Guston fan, but something in me told me I had to try.  So I went online and started looking at images.  Wow, that man could really move paint.  Ha Ha, I wonder if someday someone will say about me, wow that woman could really move stitches.  I apologize in advance, I think I get a little bit of an ego when I am sick in bed. 

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