Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

Thinking about architecture and how I am building a dress.  Elizabeth is a very strange dress to wear, she is super warm but the pieces I am adding are just not working together.  I have started to add some wool applique scroll and fill work around the main designs I started with.  I am working with black and white wools, but I have learned the hard way not to wash them for too long because the black wool bleeds onto the white making it look dirty.  So I decided that after I wash the dress, to make he wool felt a little, I would then cut away the white piece only leaving a line of stitches.  The effect is really great. 
Today on Vermont Public Radio's Vermont Edition there was a fantastic discussion about the year 2011 being the year for making things.  I called in to discuss this project.  Emily Blistein from Clementine Store (blog.clementinestore.com) was one of the guests and had a wonderful perspective on the subject you can listen to it at http://www.vpr.net/episode/50303/
I have also been giving much thought to the way in which this project is being documented.  I must admit that photographing myself and each dress is becoming a project of it's own in a way, something way bigger than I had imagined, so I am currently on the look out for anyone who would be interested in documenting this project with me, perhaps even making the photographs into a project of their own.  I am looking forward to seeing the scope of this project through the eyes of some one a little more photographically professional... know anyone? 

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