Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

whoa, I almost forgot what year I was in.

Larengitis + copious amounts of snowfall= lots of sewing

This dress, still nameless, got the chop. I cut out her neckline and added a loose knit white neckline from another old sweater. This gives it a little more shape. I also sewed on a crocheted table linen across the chest, it has this circular center that I find really interesting. I may even do some embroidery around it later. The back of the dress got some decorative wool sweater aplique. There is good contrast happening between the brown and the white. My camera has been on the fritz, I am trying to fix it. I promise pictures will soon follow.

Still no name for this dress. There are several that keep poping up in my head but nothing has really declared itself. I find the open possibilities at this stage of the creative process really interesting... like the choices I am making now are just kind of random, what I feel like adding... then later the marks I sew respond to that inital randomness, but somehow it feels less random, more intentional.

Now that I have made the first moves, I am pumped about the next one.... it is already brewing in my head.

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