Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

Piles of things to go towards the next dress are, well, piling up.  I have in my mind a general direction I want to take the next dress.  Is this cheating? I can see in my mind what I want her to look like, thinking of a Mexican theme, but do I need a theme?  The creative process is so odd and interesting.  I have been collecting a bags of things that I feel some how go together. How do I decide this based on juxtapositions, things have to just click together. Sometimes they don't and I call those my wild cards.  I allow those pieces to enter the project to see how I will resolve the incongruity.  So what is this next month's wild card? Well, I don't have a base dress picked out yet.  I am thinking about making from scratch... starting without a start. I think it will be a good challenge.
The next thing I have been thinking about is this scarf that I have been wearing with Elizabeth.  It was a gift from artist Jude Bond to the project.  I love it!  It is like icicles, like tentacles, like coral reef scarf and I am debating about whether or not to sew it to Elizabeth's ruff.  This has me thinking about the nature of accessories as a permanent fixture for the dress, as something that doesn't get sewn down but compliments the garment and will stay with it once the dress is off.  What about other items? purses? bracelets? shoes? other objects?  How far does each dress' claim to identity go?
So here I am, four days left... I am so ready to switch out of Elizabeth.  I am also a little intimidated about this fourth dress.  Whoa, I am almost a third of the way done with this project, it is crazy to even think that.  I still feel like I haven't really gotten to know Elizabeth.  I can say for certain that when I put her on everyday, she feels more like armor rather than comfort. 

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