Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Facebook topic

I love it, it consumes me, I check it a couple of times a day....thinking about joining Twitter, but still not totally sure if this much digital exposure is a good thing, a mediocre thing or a bad thing. It is an addictive thing, maybe it's just related to FOMA- the fear of missing out? Does it have to be good or bad? Can there be a middle ground with social media networking? A little seems to go a long way....


  1. I guess Facebook is the digital village, if you are used to living in a village, its not so complicated, if you grew up in town it might be confusing that there is no way to not see what people, even the ones you don't like are doing daily... :) Twitter is much less addicting. I use it as a short message blog, when there is not enough happening for a complete blog post, plus you can use a program, that automatically links each new blog post of yours into twitter and facebook.

  2. I get FOMA all the time, glad to know it has name and I am not the only one.