Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

My camera doesn't take as great of a picture as my husband's.... but I had the time alone today so I just had to make the image... It's nice how soft it turned out, but still a little grainy.


  1. now you're talkin'!

    First, That pink strap is creating a secondary heart-shape design on the "bodice" which is subtle but real. If it was intentional, it worked. If it was sub-conscious, wow! Is lifting this area helping in the wearing of the dress?

    2. I'll bet wearing Cupcake out in the snows of Vermont will be less irksome with the sweater-sleeves. Nice add-on.

    3. Her name is more appropo now..... she is being "decorated" even as she is being "baked" and I enjoyed the addition of the blue. The neck are is softening with the embellishments and I like that you added the flower in your hair for the up-dated photo shoot. I do think it is important to show the stages YOU are moving thru personally as you work your way through the grinding process of creation. (like the wearing of the pink wig...... the whimsy of it is as crucial as the inspiration)

    4. You are probably nearing the end of Cupcake now and I have a concern..... is there going to be more below the waist? I ask because I am seeing the asymmetry as a little jarring. She is soft and oozing and drippy everywhere except on the right side where the 90 degree angle appears....... I can see where if there is something underneath yet to come, this design element is still in the works.

    5. Is there any reason that, although the month ends, a design could NOT be continued further (even as you work on another dress?) Have you set any rule on this possibility?

  2. There is a sense of innocence and purity about this dress a cloud or an angel I see that this dress is here for a reason........