Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 6, 2010

It's miss November's last day. I am feeling all kinds of things, sadness, readiness, nostalgia, apprehension. How will the next dress possibly live up to the standard that Miss November has set?

This morning I stitched her name on the outside of her collar. When I got the the final stitches, I got kind of sad. I almost felt like I was going to cry. She has become apart of me in such a way that knowing I am not going to wear her again makes me feel like I am parting ways with a part of myself.

I am afraid of feeling naked tomorrow in the new dress. She is silver, from j.crew and is special because she was the first "nice dress" I bought after having given birth to my son. The significance comes in the form of having my own form back, something most postpartum moms wonder about.

I am a little disappointed to be spending my last day in Miss November in the car driving from Birmingham to Baton Rouge, but I guess such is life. I have oh so much more to write about for today and will continue to add to this post as the day unfolds and the final pictures are taken, but for now I must keep my eyes on the road.

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  1. I have so enjoyed watching the changes to your dress and reading about the whole thing. Thanks!