Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

Five days, five days since I last blogged. Nearly 3 days since I last sewed. We have been on the road, heading North bound, perhaps this is no excuse, since I sewed in the car on the way down, but I feel like these three days have been rather reflective.

First I must address the myth of Evangeline.

Evangeline was a character in an epic poem by H.W.Longfellow written in 1847. In the poem, Evangeline Bellefontaine and her true love, Gabriel Lajeunesse, were separated during The Great Upheaval when the British expelled the Acadians out of Acadie. The story is about Evangeline's search across America looking for Gabriel, and eventually reuniting at his deathbed in a Sisters of Mercy hospital where Evangeline was a nurse..... More to continue

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