Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010

Four days left with Miss November and I can honestly say I am getting ready to part ways. In the last washing, some of the wool sweater felted and she is fitting quite snug around the chest. I have spent 10 hours today in the car on a road trip down South and Miss November has not been the most comfortable traveling companion. She did however, attract her fair share of attention this morning at an IHOP in upstate New York.

I have been feeling a little blocked when it comes to what to add to her. I think she has become a bit precious, maybe because she is my first. I definitely have been failing in the department of pushing the stitch work on her surface this last week. I can't afford to be too conservative with this project, the whole point of it is to push me further and make the boundaries of my wearable art expand. On the other hand it does reflect my daily life; some times it is scary to push myself out of my comfort zone. Tonight, I must be brave.

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