Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18,2011

19 days left.

Thinking about haircuts, new glasses, new clothes. Finding it hard to find new clothes, nothing really fits, looks good, or is on par with my standards. My standards of fashion have changed. I want a 3/4 length sleeve black wiggle dress made of wool with a zipper in the back, with a fabulous neckline.

I want a good top with texture, warmth, and asymmetry. I want a neat clean looking skirt. I want pants, but I want some good dark jeans with an impeccable cut and no fade, no wrinkles, and a good decent denim thread count.

I have been looking at Vidal Sassoon five point haircuts, loving some of the bob styles.

Thinking about daily contacts.

Thinking about how much work I put into Sofia today and how I forgot my camera. I pulled up the skirt hem with stitches, added a western top with sleeves only to cut it out today. I stuffed the back a la trapunto. I am still stitching names. I am putting love into this dress.

I haven't worn Sofia for two days. She has been in progress. I am listening to my body, and giving my lungs a break from her bodice. It is tight and i just had some structural body work done to open my ribs, my lungs, and that central trunk of mine. Choosing to let it breathe has been wonderful. Two days in exercise clothes has been great. As I get closer to the end, I am realizing how ready I really am.

Wylie Sofia Garcia

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