Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calendar prep and art for sale

As I am gearing up for the final show that will display work from this project, I am realizing the most obvious thing to make is a calendar.  I am currently preparing images for a 2012 calendar production.  I will also be setting up a web link to pre-order your Dress That Makes The Woman Calendars (I will let you know when it is done).  Until then, if there is a picture that you think best represents one of the months please let me know... the more input the better.  I am going to keep the dresses with the month that they were produced in, but I am currently deciding whether or not to feature only the final images or if there was a particularly weak final image to put one of the more interesting daily images instead. 
I am also going to set up a link to a site where I will have art and fascinators for sale.  I have had multiple art shows come down and now I have a lot of work in stock.  Therefore if you are looking for a holiday gift or a gift for any occasion look no further... there will be an online sale, and as usual I will donate 50% to an organization or group in need--
Keep checking back for more details.
Wylie Sofia Garcia

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  1. Evangeline ... Atchafalaya ... Any time of year.
    Medkansla ... Lindsborg, KS ... Midsummer round the maypole