Thursday, March 3, 2011

Studio look

So this is what Cupcake has been looking like these days.  With only three days left I am already pulling fabric for the next dress.  Does this mean I am ready to leave Cupcake?  Nah, I think I like her, but I feel like I am just barely getting to know her.  She is seemingly all surface and nothing too deep, at least not yet, there are still several days to go.  I must admit that she's been getting kind of stinky, although she gets washed every other day, I think the sweater is synthetic and has a way of not getting super clean in the delicate wash cycles.  It's not bad, no one has complained yet, but just my noticing is enough to drive me crazy. 
An Observation: Lots of people and strangers from all over are touching Cupcake. 

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