Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

Spring may actually be springing here!  I have been busy working on finishing my piece on deadline for April 1st.  My focus has been on only sewing these four dresses together, to make them layer tightly together in a patter very similar to alot of my 2D work.  The goal is to cut them open at the end to reveal all the layers... let's see if I stick with it. 
It is nice to be wearing a dress that has not been as audatious as the last. Helps me blend in a little, I like blending in a little, but eventually it will get boring and that is when I will start to cut into this dress. 
Still no name for it, but I am hoping that once this other piece is done, this dress will start speaking with me more..

Wylie Sofia Garcia

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