Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Camera battery is dead, lost the charger, found the charger, camera will be back to work tomorrow. 
Time has been spent updating the blog for the auction to benefit Japan (
I have been spending 10 minutes every day stitching on this dress, this struggle of a dress. 
Went to Barnstable, MA to Cape Cod Community College where my husband has some sculptures in a show called Wood at the Higgins Art Gallery (
As we were leaving I was chatting with the gallery curtator commenting about what a struggle this dress has been, and as we were parting ways she said "that's a good name for the dress." 
THAT is a good name for the dress! 
So ladies and gents I give you this months dress " The Struggle"
Winter is over, but it is still in the low 30's F here.  It is COLD!!!  Sunny, but cold. 
Waiting for some warmth, stiching for 10 minutes every day, waiting for some Spring inspiration...
Listening to new music, the only copy of new music by a marvelous and beloved friend/musician Moses Atwood.... thinking about some of the lyrics (can I post them here yet?, hmmm maybe not yet,) I have been thinking about stitching some of them down.

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