Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011

A Package arrived today!  It contains fashion gold!  An Issey Miyake wool dress (on the left in the picture) and a White Beautiful Silk/Taffeta Gown complete with Tulle underpinnings and a wrap.  It also had a great sweater by Eva Claudi and a pair of sparkle clip on devil horns.  I am positively ecstatic!  The dresses and sweater are a marvelous gift from my Aunt Mary.  The horns are a gift from my dad.  Such a wonderful surprise and so appropriate given the way this project has evolved and is now coming to a close.  Oddly enough I was envisioning the last dress to be white... so it looks like I may have found her...she needs a little bit of something to cover the side but that is what this project is all about right? 
 I wish I could write more about this serendipitous turn of events, but alas it is late and the eve of Art Hop, a huge super awesome Art Festival that happens once a year here in Burlington.  It is my favorite time of year too...   Stay tuned though because I will be wearing The Invisibility Ball Gown tomorrow night as well as Saturday night for Strut and that means more pictures soon to follow.
Wylie Sofia Garcia

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