Monday, September 19, 2011


I promised myself that tonight would be the night to post some pictures. But here I am, exhausted once more, getting ready for my show which opens this Friday at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe. I will post an explosion of pictures as soon as I am able. But for now I will leave you with this tid bit.... I am starting to research some Frank Herbert quotations from his book DUNE. With too much rain and water up here and not enough down south I have started to think about changes in climate... Hmmm this isn't exactly what I want to say here.. I have been thinking a lot about changes... Changes changes changes... The whole world seems to be changing, shifting.... Adjusting. I am currently trying to remind myself to make room for adjustments. Adjust. Breathe. Drink water. Adjust. Breathe.

Wylie Sofia Garcia

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