Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

Three days left. Three days to transform Thimbelina into an illusion an illusion of performance... A layer to complete the first part, last month's dress. The Church of Circus is going great, this is the name of our group that Thimbelina will be a part of for a show in August.

Shows Shows Shows. I am almost at the end of month 7. I am starting to feel the beginning of the end. I am starting to feel the personal pull of the artist's goal to out-do one's self... Each dress must be better than the last. But I don't want to loose perspective, this is a performance about art integrating into life and the transformation of a dress on the body of a woman... If I start to analyze this project in monthly compartments, I loose site of the goal as a whole.... What does it mean for a woman to wear a dress every day for an entire year? What does it mean for her to make that dress, own it, I mean really OWN it?

The next show will be in September at Helen Day Art Center... A show about masculinity.... I am the counter point....pressure and ego... Whoa... Feeling it. Thinking of names for my body of work within this context.... Thinking about calling it "The tulle did her in"... I have to give props to the woman I am designing a wedding dress for... She re quoted something I said and then told me it would be a great show title... Thanks Danielle.

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