Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 14, 2011

This belt also came from my Swedish Mormor (grandmother).
The other day Clark said, "Wow, you are wearing that great dress again".... duh?  It's almost like they are changing so rapidly that he forgot about the project.
I was at an art opening recently and a woman was asking me about my dress, I told her about the project and she asked me what school I went to.  When I told her I didn't go to school, she asked if I was joking.  I told I already had my MFA and that this was just me, being me, making art.  She asked me why I would want to do something like this, and where do I find the time to do it, and I said "Well, it's kind of like my job."  She just stood there with this look on her face and then walked off to look at other art, landscape art, perhaps something she could more readily justify... I that situation feeling weird only to be redeemed by meeting a man and a woman who asked me about the gallery I was sitting for and then the man said-"Where's your art?" And I said "I'm wearing it" and then I gave him my spiel and we introduced ourselves and I when I found out I was talking wit Major Jackson the night had been made spectacular.  I am a major Major Jackson fan(sorry for the pun)... to find out more about his beautiful words and poetry visit:
Sometimes I wish I could forget about the project, but I have found a new group of cheer leaders... my soon to be 4 weeks of Fashion Design Camp.  I am preparing the classroom and even suffering a little for  the sake of fashion.. I kinda maybe sorta threw out my back bringing 15 tubs of clothing organized by color out of our studio attic in preparation for camp... I am laying on some icepads and taking it easy so that I can speedily recover for next week.  In the mean time, I think I have some sewing to do.

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