Monday, July 9, 2012

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  1. Hi again Wylie,

    I got what I think was an automated response back from your email address, so I'm resending this thru your blog.....

    Hi Wylie,

    I have been loving the fascinator I bought at last year's Art Hop, and have worn it as often as I can!

    But, sad to say, the feather on it is now slightly bent. I've been trying to find one to replace it--have gone to all the local craft stores, but none of them have a feather that has quite the same jaunty air or is the right color.

    Where do you buy your feathers, or do you have an extra one that I could have?

    I have an event coming up next Tuesday that I want to wear it to, so I'm willing to go anywhere to find the right feather!