Friday, May 13, 2011

Fwd: The slides that were not shown...

So Lastnight I presented at Pecha Kucha at the Flemming Museum along with 10 other presenters.  It was an awesome experience, even though my last three slides were M.I.A.  It turned out when the entire presentation was transfered from one computer to the other, some slides (mine were not the only ones) were lost in the ether... so just as I was about to present my amazing Thimbelina climax, I was cut abruptly short.  So for fun, I have thrown in the last three slides that were cut.  Including a new one of THE AMAZING THIMBELINA!

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  1. How terrible to not reach the climax of your presentation. You got blue balled Wylie! I love reading about what you are doing, thanks for sharing!